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At Threat Reflex we aim to provide a safe and productive environment for our clients. Our Public Safety Officers, may differ in experience and skill, but our classes are built in such a way that everyone learns and benefits from proper instruction and application of skills. Safety being paramount, lesson is delivered and explained thoroughly so that students may fully understand the concepts, application of use, with clarification if needed.


Are you a LEO and having a hard time getting in the training that you need? Have your external training requests been denied due to departmental needs or budgets? Have you recently been to some great training but now that you're back to work you can't seem to find the time to get to "REP" all the great things you've learned? Have you finally realized that your survival depends on YOU... You taking the initiative to do what it takes. The Threat Reflex REPS Program is designed just for you. REPS was created specifically to allow POs to get some REPs in either before or after their shift, as well as be more cost effective and affordable, therefore allowing officers to train more regularly.


Civilians, you too can receive high caliber training from the Threat Reflex Team at our partner location, GUN FOR HIRE, Woodland Park Range in New Jersey. Vlad, Owner of Threat Reflex, is the Chief Instructor at that location and has contributed to the top tier curriculum offered at GUN FOR HIRE. Click below for more information and we'll see you there!


Does your department have its own public safety shooting range? Threat Reflex can bring the same quality training to your place. Understandably, sometimes we're use to our home field and may have things already set up and prepared to accommodate your team. Send us a note, letting us know the particulars and we will certainly work to get you the training you deserve.


Your departments need may be different from others. If your department needs its own personal touch, because of its specific duties or the environment you work in, Threat Reflex can help. With your specific goals in mind, we can customize training to fit your needs. Wether it be Firearms, Defensive Tactics, Use of Force, Active Shooter, to name just a few, we will aim to provide you with what you want. Send us a note with the specifics and we'll get back to you.


Throughout the years, we've built solid relationships with certain establishments. Some of these relationships, we can say, are deeply rooted to a point where we assist in there operation, provide instruction and at the very least, fully recommend these partners. Take some time to check them out... Tell them we sent ya!



Coming from the world of Law Enforcement, particularly Law Enforcement Training, we had the opportunity to see the inner workings of Police Training. We can agree that if you choose Law Enforcement as a career, it has its inherent risks. Having the capabilities to perform at a high level is a must. The modern Public Safety Professional must have the ability to make the right decisions, physically perform Law Enforcement objectives and tasks, all while under possible stress and scrutiny. Let's face it, "The Job" is not for everybody, it's absolutely for those who have the right frame of mind, attitude, patience and understanding of Laws and Procedures. If you are not "Fit for Duty", those inherent risks may bring on unforeseen and damaging consequences. 

        Training to a high standard helps, but so many times the Officer has to contend with so many               obstacles. Department may not approve training days, unable to get days off, budget issues, filling your position, as well as the need for you to be performing your assignment, to name just a few. 

     Threat Reflex LLC is dedicated to providing Public Safety Professionals with quality training, as well as better options to gain that training. 



Academy of Japanese Karate
304 Clifton Ave
Clifton N.J. 07011
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