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Every now and then Threat Reflex brings you a special guest. A company, instructor or special/unique guest who has impressed us. We would love to share their expertise with our clients. This is where you would find that event. Stay tuned!

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New Date: August 19th, 2024 Blue Line Families & Firearms Shoot

Every Police Officer has at least one firearm in their household. Many times, other members of the household are left "in the dark", not knowing enough about safety and even possibly the use of that firearm, if needed for their protection. LEO's work long hours, therefore are not always home to look after their loved ones. This Special Event aims to have the officers assist as their family member(s) learn all about safety, nomenclature, and basic fundamentals. That family member will have the opportunity to shoot prior to the completion of the session.

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NEW!!!! The Threat Reflex Firearms Training Log Book

The Threat Reflex Firearms Training Log Book was created by the owner of Threat Reflex LLC. The owner, Vladimir Vaval, a long-time firearms instructor and Law Enforcement trainer, had always felt the need to document his firearms training to use as future reference and to track his progress. Finding himself jotting down notes during breaks in training as well as after pretty much all his training days. The notepads and hand written pieces of paper eventually became an unorganized mound of notes. After launching Threat Reflex, tracking firearms training also became important not just to Vlad, but also to his students.

So, this was generated. A log book to monitor your firearms training, logging standards set and met, staying accountable of equipment and ammunition, tracking your efforts and keeping an accurate general log of your training progress.


Having the structure and ability to jot things down as you train not only helps retain the information that so often would otherwise get lost, but also gives you one more “REP”, an added mental, mindful repetition, as your writing things down. It’s important to track your training, standards and goals, otherwise, how would you measure your progress. Hope this log book, as it gets, sweaty, dirty and stained of gun grease, helps to better improve shooters everywhere!

“Proper Repetitive Practice Builds Automatic Permanence!”

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