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Coming from the world of Law Enforcement, particularly Law Enforcement Training, we had the opportunity to see the inner workings of Police Training. We can agree that if you choose Law Enforcement as a career, it has its inherent risks. Having the capabilities to perform at a high level is a must. The modern Public Safety Professional must have the ability to make the right decisions, physically perform Law Enforcement objectives and tasks, all while under possible stress and scrutiny. Let's face it, "The Job" is not for everybody, it's absolutely for those who have the right frame of mind, attitude, patience and understanding of Laws and Procedures. If you are not "Fit for Duty", those inherent risks may bring on unforeseen and damaging consequences. 

Training to a high standard helps, but so many times the Officer has to contend with so many obstacles. Department may not approve training days, unable to get days off, budget issues, filling your position, as well as the need for you to be performing your assignment, to name just a few. 

Threat Reflex LLC is dedicated to providing Public Safety Professionals with quality training, as well as better options to gain that training. 


Vlad Vaval

Founder and Principal

Vladimir is a retired Law Enforcement Officer, as of 2023, with 25 years of service. Vlad was assigned as a full time Law Enforcement Trainer since 2009, he has worked as a lead instructor, to special units, members in service as well as academy level recruits. Additionally, Vlad was assigned as the Range Master, lead armorer and defensive tactics coordinator for his department. Vlad is a state certified physical training, defensive tactics, pistol, shotgun, sub-gun, and rifle instructor.

Vlad has been a Martial Arts practitioner for over 35 years, reaching a high level, competing particularly in sparring and full contact competitions, becoming successful in winning numerous tournaments and holding many titles nationally and internationally.

Vlad’s experience includes being assigned to various law enforcement units such as anti-crime, emergency services, as well as counter-terrorism throughout the state of New Jersey. Vlad is also certified and trained in Advanced SWAT, HazMat tech, Rescue Diver, and instructs topics such as Use of Force and Active Shooter, to name a few, to Law Enforcement and civilians.

Keeping this background in mind, Vlad founded Threat Reflex LLC to continue his passion for training Public Safety Professionals, adding his influence, and providing Officers with options that they may not have had in the past to better themselves in their training. To assist in this endeavor, Vlad has surrounded himself with the best resources and support group.



Photo : Magnum Velocity Photo

The Threat Reflex team consists of Active, Retired Law Enforcement and/or Prior Military Professionals who have served as trainers in their fields. Our trainers are expected to not only be good at what they teach but also need to have the ability to deliver a lesson well. Our team prides themselves on quality instruction, not merely showing proper skillsets, but having the right way of delivering instruction, as well as assuring the safety of our clients.

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